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HYDRATE with Tracy Duhs

Jul 16, 2021

Did you know over 2 billion people on this earth have a mineral deficiency? But what is mineral deficiency exactly? What are the common symptoms of it? How can we reverse a mineral deficiency? 
In this episode of HYDRATE, Barton Scott and I chat about mineral deficiency and mineral toxicity.  The reality is the majority of us, if not all, are actually deficient in magnesium. A deficiency in this mineral usually explains most of our feelings of unease, such as brain fog, poor sleep quality, forgetfulness, constipation, and so much more. In fact, almost any disease or discomfort we experience is simply a symptom of a deficiency or toxicity of a certain mineral in our body. 
Plus, Barton also talks about how important salt is for our body. We’ve been sold the idea by modern medicine that salt is dangerous for our health, but the reality is getting our salt fix is necessary for our health. However, it is important to be consuming the right sort of salt, as not all salt is created equal. As Barton explains, celtic sea salt and iodized table do not have the same impact on your body.
Barton Scott is a Chemical Engineer, Nutritionist and the Founder of Upgraded Formulas– A nanotech company focused around performance and longevity–specifically with a focus on correcting mineral deficiency with a new category of supplementation to increase health span, focus, blood sugar management, and sleep quality. 
What we discuss…
03:36: How Barton Scott became a magnesium formulater
09:30: How Barton started Upgraded Formulas
16:00: Why does particle size matter?
19:43: What does it mean to reverse a deficiency?
21:39: What are the common symptoms of mineral imbalance?
28:56: How to get balance in your minerals?
42:00: How does LSD affect the adrenal system?
47:11: What happens when we take too much calcium?
52:50: What is a calcium shell and what does it do?
56:51: What are the different forms of magnesium and which forms are recommended?
58:48: Three actionable steps to getting the right minerals into your bloodstream
1:01:19: What’s difference between iodized table salt and celtic sea salt?
1:06:37: What form of iodine should we be intaking?
1:10:59: How can you strengthen your adrenals?
1:12:10: How does self-pleasure affect ejaculation?
01:17:10: Do we really need coper supplements?
To learn more about Barton:
Instagram: @askbarton and @upgradedformulas
YouTube: upgradedformulas