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HYDRATE with Tracy Duhs

Jul 9, 2021

What is structured water?  How can we restore water to the shape given by God himself? 
How can you energize water in your own home? 
In this episode of HYDRATE, Gary Greenfield and I dive into the subject of water restructuring. In the form which God created it, water is structured in a way where the molecules take a hexagonal shape. This shape is designed to absorb a maximal amount of energetic frequencies gained through the natural movement of water and is essential to adequately hydrate and recharge our cells. The problem is that the water that makes its way into our homes has been altered and is not in this optimal state; but there are ways to bring it back, such as through vortexing the water.
Plus, Gary also talks about the diet he follows, which is an ancient practice given by God himself in the orthodox faith. An immense part of this diet is fasting, which he says is beneficial for our health, but even more beneficial on a spiritual level. As we refrain from food for our flesh, we tend to have more opportunities to feed our souls. 
Gary Greenfield is a leading expert in structured water and the field of water filtration.
He continuously works to find new ways in which technology can be applied in order to help restore the “vital life force” to our water.
What we discuss:
03:36: Gary’s current orthodox diet
07:05: Gary’s thoughts on cleanses
10:30: How Gary went from being a pastor to a water expert
17:55: What fuelled Gary’s interest for water
25:29: How water is the creation of life by God
28:10: What are the two different types of light?
33:15: How Gary went turned his coffee roasting hobby into a business
35:29: How different waters affect the taste of coffee
38:32: What are the four stool legs of water?
41:07: What is vortexing?
44:10: What is the purpose of the left and right spin of a vortex?
46:22: How does the vortex know what is a contaminant and what isn't? 
48:12: Can still water be good water?
51:11: How do you energize water?
57:56: How can you energize our water at home?
1:01:47: What is a toroidal vortex?
To learn more about Gary…
YouTube: Gary Greenfield
Shop: Structured Water Filters